The Importance of Social Media Image Sizes 2020

Updated: May 6, 2020

When it comes to social media, images are what make the most out of the platforms. Photos and images are what people click on to thumbs up, learn, buy something, and so on. They’re extremely important from a personal connection to a professional standpoint.

With the need of having images on social media, there comes a needed size for each image. Although any image might work for the designated upload on each platform, having the wrong image size can cause you major issues. From not looking how you want it to look, appearing less professional and desirable, having an improper ad, etc.

Basically, whenever an image is uploaded with a purpose to a social media platform, it’s important to have the proper size required for the image. Let’s go over the benefits of having a properly sized image on a social media platform.

social media image sizes 2020

The Benefits of Proper Social Media Image Size

  • More Professional

Having a profile picture on a social media platform that is perfectly fitted will make you seem more professional, respectable, and much more. Not doing so will require your image to be cropped which is always wrong. You should never have to crop the desired image that you want to upload.

  • Image Appears How You Want It

If you can edit the image your uploading to be the correct size, it’ll appear in the fashion it’s meant for exactly how you want it to be. Uploading it other-wise will make the image not appear how you want it to on your website.

  • Images Are More Effective 

Whatever the purpose is for the image your uploading, it’ll have a better effect if it’s properly sized. Whether it’s an image for an ad, an image to promote yourself, or anything for that matter, if it’s sized properly it’ll be way more effective. If it’s not sized correctly, it won’t influence users how you want them to be. Thus, causing you further issues that could’ve been avoided.

Examples of Images in Social Media:

With the abundance of social media platforms, each one has a designated area that an image is utilized. Let’s quickly list each aspect on these social media platforms that require an image. Whether it’s a page cover, a profile picture or an ad image, each of these social media platforms utilize images for a variety of reasons.

social media image sizes 2020

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