Learn How To Make Money Writing Articles Online 2020 (8 Simple Ways)

Updated: April 22, 2020
how to make money writing articles 2020

Want to Learn How to Make Money Writing Articles Online Quick?

Probably you want to become a professional writer that is why your search results have directed you on this page. That’s good. You can easily make money by writing some creative content for the target readers. But the task may not be that easy for beginners. You may require some expert guidelines to make money by writing articles. 

The great news is that if you know how to write impressive content, there are plenty of ways to get paid. You can make it your full-time job, start as a part-time employee or work as a freelancer to earn more. 

Check out these 8 Simple Tips to Make Money Writing Articles

Below we have highlighted a few proven ways to help you make money through writing. Spare some time to read and soon you will be able to make best out of your hidden talent.

(1) Start a Blog:

Every creative writer needs a blog where an audience can read his content. These platforms can help you develop healthy connections with the audience in the market. You can choose a topic of your interest; but at the same time, it is important to think about the preferences of your readers. Make sure your content is engaging and valuable. Once your blog gains a higher number of visitors, it will also create new opportunities for income. You may receive more requests for advertisements from other popular businesses

(2) Write Guest Posts:

If you are a dedicated blogger, you might be following some other famous writers as well. Why not create some guest posts for the favourite blogs in your list. Most of the blogs love to get some high-quality guest posts on their platform, and many of them even pay for them. You can also find such valuable platforms to pitch a guest post and make money with your skills. Maybe not so frequently, but they may add a few additional bucks to your pocket every month.

(3) Write Listicles:

What are 10 famous places to visit in Los Angeles? Who are the top 10 cricketers in the world? You might have answers in your mind to these list type questions. Why not write them in some creative manner and make money? Yeah! There are so many websites that accept articles in the form of clever top 10 lists. And they are ready to pay a considerable amount for such services. You can find few such trustworthy platforms and start pitching your listicles online.

(4) Self-publish a Book:

Writers also love to publish their books to serve the audience with a more creative collection of content. Amazon Kindle Direct allows writers to self-publish their books and capture audience attention around the world. All that you need to do is log in with your account and upload your book online. People can buy your eBook on this platform. They just charge a small amount in the form of commission, and you can generate considerable income per month.

(5) Join a Content Site:

Another amazing option to make money by writing for a content site. There are so many platforms online that allow creative writers to post simple and engaging pieces of content. But it is important to understand that these websites need error-free content. So, you have to make more efforts to maintain quality. Also, make sure that you create clean content without puns. Freelancers can easily find many better paying opportunities on this platform to boost their income.

(6) Work as a Copywriter:

If you know how to create a clean copy of some already published content, you can easily earn more by working as a copywriter. There are so many websites that are looking for creative people like you. You can upload your resume and have fun writing some press releases with product copy. But make sure you are well doing this task because the content should not be duplicate; rather, a clean copy.

(7) Join Writing Contests:

Some distinguished writers also love to make more money online by taking part in some online writing contests. You can find many such opportunities online and win handsome cash prizes for your creative content. Prefer to do some research online to spot the best opportunities and start applying for them. It will help you win rewards of your choice while boosting your popularity online.

(8) Look for Writing Jobs:

Many big companies around the world are also looking for some freelance and full-time writers. They need some creative and experienced writers to write promotional and informative content. It could be regarding product reviews, website content or some marketing content. You can prepare your resume accordingly and submit applications for all available openings around. It is even possible to work from home and earn huge income per month with your talent. The best thing to know is that writing jobs can help you make huge income when you learn how to make money writing articles online quick.

Well, you have now gone through several options to make money online with your writing skills. Choose any of these options, and you will soon be able to make a considerable income online. You can start writing with your current full-time job or work as a freelancer with full dedication. Some people prefer to follow these tricks to make extra income; however, others consider it their full-time work. 

Prefer to check latest opportunities online. In order to start earning as a writer, you don’t need to make big investments. It requires only a computer or laptop, internet connection and some time. Once you are all set to make money through writing, you can easily find more opportunities. Keep your resume up to date and subscribe to different platforms that can keep you updated regarding upcoming opportunities. 

The above-mentioned ideas must have given you inspiration, and now you can start your project. Even if you are a beginner, regular practice can make you a professional in this field. 

Good luck for your career as a professional writer!

how to make money writing articles 2020

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