How To Make Money on Amazon 2020 [5 Proven Ways]

Updated: April 21, 2020

How To Make Money on Amazon 2020 [5 Proven Ways]

With the increasing cost of living, most of the people are looking for some trusted ways to boost their income. But it is high time to believe that there is no magical way to get rich overnight. One needs to make some efforts in a positive direction to make a few additional dollars every month. 

Well, the great news is that Amazon can help you to boost your income by a considerable level. There are plenty of options to make money via Amazon; few of them are listed below to ease your decision-making process. 

  1. Sell via Amazon FBA:

It is possible to make huge earning by selling private label products via Amazon FBA. This idea is quite interesting for all those who have a business mindset and want to boost their earnings fast. However, some of you might be eager to know the concept of private labelling first. Well, these are products that are designed for a specific retailer and can be sold under the specific brand name of the retailer. 

In this process, the retailer can ask the manufacturer for a few customizations to create a unique impression of his brand. The trend of private labelled products was originated from the USA. Most of the young entrepreneurs prefer to follow it to establish their own brand. You need to pay a very small fee to the Amazon platform and rest all goes into your profits. It is also easier to manufacture and deliver products; you can place an order directly from Alieexpress and Alibaba. 

  1. Selling Wholesale Goods on Amazon:

Same as becoming FBA retailer on Amazon, you can also sell wholesale products on Amazon. However, the only difference is that in this case, you don’t sell your own branded products. Rather, take products from some other companies. It means products will not have the name of your business. You will be selling them under the name of some other company. 

The biggest advantage of following this idea is that you need not worry about branding, manufacturing, and certificates etc. You can just focus on your main business tasks and make profits with a series of sales. It is important to mention that competition for selling wholesale goods on Amazon is increasing high. So, you have to be very active to win the race. You can check some expert ideas to learn wholesaler formulas to be successful on Amazon.

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  1. Join Amazon Flex Program:

Here is another unique approach to earn money on Amazon. In this case, you need not sell products on Amazon; rather, you will be delivering products to buyers. The Amazon Flex program is pretty simple, and it provides earning opportunities to many. All that you need to do is create a normal Amazon account. Then you have to sign into Amazon Flex option on the website. Here you will find many videos to learn the process and practices of the flex program. 

After learning through videos, you may need to answer a few short questions. Soon you will be able to download the app. It takes a small time for Amazon to accept you as their driver. Once you get associated with this team, you will be allowed to deliver products for Amazon. The hourly wages for working under Amazon Flex program are $18 to $25. The best thing is that you can decide your time flexibility and you become your own boss. Amazon has a cool Flex app that can help you to track your revenue. 

  1. Publishing with Kindle:

The direct publishing opportunities on Kindle can help you to make considerable income from Amazon. It allows writers to publish their books online and sell them via the Amazon platform. You can even make money without writing a book yourself. The idea is to hire some professional author or buy rights of some other book. It is also possible to sell the printed version of the book at a later stage on Amazon. 

In order to start with this idea, first of all, you should sign into Amazon Kindle platform. Now you can write a book or hire someone to write it for you. Once the eBook is ready, upload it to Amazon Kindle Publishing platform. Make sure you give it a good layout and catchy cover. Set the price for your book and start selling it. 

In order to make more profits on this platform, make sure you write some unique books. The topics should be interesting and new so that readers get inspired to buy. Make your eBooks worth for the readers, and they will recommend your content to many others. 

  1. Start Amazon Affiliate Business:

The concept of Affiliate marketing is quite older. In this case, you refer some product or service to the customers and get commissions for that. The same process is followed in the Amazon Affiliate Program. You join the network and start recommending some products to buyers online. When they buy some product via your referral link, you get some commission for that.

The estimated margin range for the Amazon affiliate program is from 7% to 15%. This platform callow you to make money in two ways. You can either recommend products to your near and dear ones and motivate them to buy. Or you can create an affiliate site and work on social media presence.

In the first case, you will be able to get a lesser margin. However, the earnings with the second option go very high. Make sure your affiliate site is well managed and motivate people to initiate a purchase. Work more on your social media marketing campaigns to divert more audience. 

Now you have learnt 5 amazing methods to make money from Amazon. It is good to choose the most suitable one and start your earnings. You can choose these options as additional money-making solutions. Or consider them full time working opportunities to earn more. The profits truly depend upon how much time you give to this platform. 

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