How To Create A Website For Business

Updated: January 31, 2019

If you are planning to bring your business online; the very first thing you need to do is build an interactive website. And, in order to make your website visible to the world, you need a reliable website hosting service. In this guide I will be teaching you step by step how to create a website for business, so you will be able to get started immedietly.

Well! GoDaddy is the most popular name for getting a domain name for the website as well as for commercial hosting needs. This company offers dependable hosting services for Linux and Windows platform along with email hosting, stellar customer service and many other incredible features. In simple terms; GoDaddy offers flexible and satisfactory services with all-rounded packages.

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You can also install WordPress for free on GoDaddy to get started with the beginner-friendly website builder. Even if you know nothing about coding; it is possible to design a responsive and well-optimized website using GoDaddy managed WordPress.

How to make a small business website with GoDaddy?

Those who are just beginning with the online business presence might be worried about how to choose the best web hosting package. GoDaddy offers wide range of options, and you can choose any of these depending on your needs and budget. Below we have highlighted a few basic details about preferred GoDaddy packages to ease your decision-making process:

Shared Web Hosting:

One of the most preferred and economical choice for GoDaddy hosting is a shared web hosting service. It is suitable for beginners that are interested in bringing their business online. The basic package of shared web hosting starts from $7.99/month only; however, you can also look for the deluxe plan and ultimate package with higher range of features. As the same indicates, in case of shared web hosting package; you have to share space with other users.

how to create a website

Dedicated Web Hosting:

GoDaddy also offers wide range of packages for Windows and Linux based configurations. Note that the plan starts with payment of $129 per month and it includes unlimited data transfers, 2TG storage, 32GB RAM and reliable customer support as well.

VPS Web Hosting:

This option falls in the middle of the shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting and is available for both Windows and Linux based systems. The basic package is available at $29.99 per month that includes monthly data transfers, unlimited domains and emails as well. 

WordPress Web Hosting:

This is the most wonderful choice for all beginners with multiple benefits. GoDaddy allows instant WordPress installation along with millions of plugins and themes that are available for free. You can use the simple drag and drop tools to get started with the interactive website designing. 

There are so many reasons to get started with the GoDaddy WordPress website hosting and builder. Few essential features of GoDaddy are listed below:

  • GoDaddy helps users to get started with the high-end security features that include app scanning, site verification certificate, spam protection and malware monitoring as well. 
  • There is no doubt to say that website uptime is one of the most important aspects of leading your brand reputation online. GoDaddy offers 99.9% uptime for all websites with responsive design services. You can stay connected to your audience without any trouble. 
  • GoDaddy is rated high for its incredible customer support service. The professional teams are always ready to serve your technical queries through email, chat support and phone as well. 
  • You can ensure a higher loading speed for your website so that visitors can stay fully satisfied while exploring your storefront online. 
  • GoDaddy allows instant WordPress installation on the website along with wide range of themes and plugins that are available for free. You can get started with your website designing process at any hour of the day. 
  • GoDaddy also offers satisfactory domain name services; you can buy your favourite domain name with ease to ensure great brand reputation online. 

With all such benefits, it is definitely good to use GoDaddy for website hosting and designing as well. Anyone can start creating a website from scratch on this platform. However, if you are new, go through the tutorial below to build your personal responsibility and well-optimized website. 

how to create a website for business 2019

Benefits of using WordPress for Website designing:

Some of you might be curious to know why it is good to use WordPress for website designing. Well! There are several reasons behind choosing this platform to bring your business online. The biggest benefit is that GoDaddy also supports WordPress and allows quick installation to this tool for website creation. Anyone can start using this web designer online without any trouble. 

Below we have highlighted a few amazing benefits of using WordPress for website designing:

  • Easy to use:

The best news for beginners is that WordPress platform is easy to use with its interactive and intuitive interface. You need not mess with complicated techniques; it’s a simple drag, and drop type interface reduces the stress of designing a new website. 

  • Access from anywhere:

Once you start designing your website, there is no need to stick to one system. WordPress works with browser-based system, and all your content gets stored on the cloud. You can access the backend of your website from anywhere at any time to manage your website. 

  • No coding required:

WordPress is a self-contained system with simple drag and drop tools. There is no need to learn HTML coding or get FTP software to complete your website design. You can easily create new pages, upload images, edit text, merge videos, documents and many other interactive elements to your website. Everything can be done without any additional software. 

  • Custom and responsive website:

In this competitive world; it is important to own a customized and responsive website that ensure great customer experience. Your website must open on all gadgets irrespective of their screen size. WordPress can help you better in this regard; this platform is best choice to create an optimized website terminal for your business. 

how to create a website for business

How to create a website for business with GoDaddy managed WordPress?

GoDaddy managed WordPress services are one of the most reliable choices for beginners as well as well established brands that are excited to build online presence. You can choose the basic plan of WordPress with $6.29 per month or be lucky enough to enjoy $1 hosting plan with all incredible features. 

The most awesome thing to know about GoDaddy managed WordPress is that it allows users to get a free domain name. It means you can set up your website instantly without worrying about the desired domain name. Moreover, WordPress is loaded with a wide range of features, plugins and themes as well that can make your website more useful and interactive. 

Below we have highlighted few tips and tricks to create business website online:

Do some homework:

It is important to do some essential analysis before building your website so that you can move ahead in the right direction. The initial step is to define why you need a new website; whether it is to display your products and services, you want to create a platform for branding needs, or it is to collect email subscriptions? Some people also prefer to use website for sharing valuable content in the world. In order to build an effective and suitable website design, it is important to do some analysis at home. 

Get your domain name:

In order to bring your business online, you need a domain name that can secure your space on the cloud. Most of the beginners fail to choose an impactful domain name for their business. If you are also confused about this selection, it is important to look for expert advice. The best idea is to choose a domain name that is perfectly associated with your brand name. Prefer to add a relevant keyword but at the same time make sure that this name is easy to spell and memorable as well. Domain name plays essential role in making your business popular around the world so try to be more careful about its selection.

Buy hosting package:

You can find numbers of hosting service providers in the market, but not all of them are equally reliable. If you want to ensure budget-friendly services without compromising for quality, the best idea is to get started with GoDaddy. It can help you to bring your business online without even spending huge amount. Moreover, GoDaddy is known for its awesome features including 99.9% uptime, unlimited bandwidth and higher security parameters; this platform can ensure you great results for website hosting. 

You can choose shared website hosting, dedicated website hosting or VPS hosting packages. But the most reliable one is GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting as it allows free installation of WordPress platform so that you can get started with website design at any hour of the day. There is no need to learn typical coding languages or mess with complicated software; you can get started with website designing using interactive WordPress tools. 

Install WordPress and start designing:

Once your login with your website username and password; you can install WordPress to your website with one click access. It takes a few minutes to complete the setup and soon you can start building your business website online. Note that WordPress platform is loaded with variety of tools. You need to start with the right theme to design your website. Although WordPress library is loaded with numbers of themes that are available for free but if you don’t find any of these suitable; you can buy a theme online. 

It is important to choose theme that suits your niche in best possible manner. It must appear catching and attractive to your target audience while ensuring easy navigation to the beginners as well. As soon as you are ready with your theme, it is important to load important plugins to make your website more appealing. It is also possible to download plugins online to get the desired look for your website. At the same time, you have to work on sidebars, footers and widgets as well. Prefer to make your website look for authentic and impressive so that people can spend more time on your platform. 

Add content to your WordPress website:

The great news is that once your website design is ready, you can add content in a few minutes. It is important to divide your website into different pages where the home page, about us and contact page, are the essential ones. Further, you need to add services, products, gallery and blog as per your need. Make sure you use high-resolution images and best videos for the website so that your website can achieve higher ranking among competitors. Visitors are often attracted to the interactive elements available on the website. 

At the same time, while adding content to your web pages, make sure you use the perfect combination of essential keywords. They must be merged into the content in a most effective manner so that Google search engine algorithms can rate your website higher. It will naturally direct more traffic to your website. 

Make it available online:

As your website is loaded with all necessary content, it is time to make it available online. The process is quite easier; check all your pages first; if they appear perfect and no modification is required ahead; it is time to hit the make it public button on the website. Soon your website platform will be accessible on the internet, and the data will be stored in cloud. People from different corners of the world can now navigate your website and if your collection fulfils their needs; they will definitely like to place orders. 


No matter what kind of niche you are presenting to the world; if you want to create a website, it is important to avail best offer from GoDaddy website hosting platform. Soon you will be able to download WordPress on your system and get started with its interactive tools to design your dream website. Be careful while making a selection for themes, plugins, background colours and images as well; they must meet your business idea. Once your website is available online; it is time to start valuable marketing campaigns to direct more audience to your platform. 

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