How To Build A Website From Scratch in 2020

Updated: January 31, 2019

It’s now 2020 and it’s safe to say the internet has taken the market by storm. Most of the business owners these days are making efforts to bring their brand online to capture audience attention. Thats where this how to build a website from scratch guide will come into play.

In order to lead business online; they need to create an interactive website platform where buyers can find their desired product from any corner of the world. Indeed, Websites work like an online storefront that can entertain millions of people from any corner of the world.

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Whether you are planning to start a new business or have an existing brand; it is high time to bring it online. The very first thing you need to do to start operating on the internet is building a website. Well! This task may appear little complicated to beginners, but don’t worry! Few advanced website creation tools can help you better in this regard. It is possible to access reliable services from GoDaddy web host and WordPress website builder to complete this task instantly. 

Why choose GoDaddy for Website Hosting?

GoDaddy was launched in the year 1997, and today it is serving millions of business professionals around the world. Whether you are working on Linux or Windows platform; GoDaddy can help you better to set up a website from scratch even with limited budget. You can choose shared website hosting platforms and dedicated web hosting services as per your need. 

Although market is loaded with variety of hosting platforms, there are so many great reasons to get started with GoDaddy only. Few of them are listed below:

  • Performance and uptime:

One of the biggest advantages of working with GoDaddy is that it ensures dependable uptime. It means, your websites stay active all the time, and people can access it without any trouble from any corner of the world. GoDaddy is rated high with its guaranteed 99.9% uptime that can bring more leads to your business. This higher uptime is possible due to the uninterrupted power supply and highly trained technical staff that keep on monitoring all the operations 24x7x365. 

  • Security and backup:

Another great feature of GoDaddy web hosting service is their satisfactory security service and reliable backup. Even if you choose basic hosting plan, you can be sure about your website content as it will be stored securely on multiple servers. The high-end encryption techniques along with malware monitoring, spam protection and site verification services ensure quality performance of website online. At the same time, GoDaddy works for daily backups so that all your website content can stay safe with multiple copies on the cloud.

how to build a website from scratch
  • Unlimited Bandwidth:

Bandwidth is measured as the amount of traffic that your website can entertain at a time. In general, most of the hosts limited this count up to 25 million or 30 million visitors, but the great news is that GoDaddy doesn’t pose any limit on this parameter. It may not be essential at the beginning stage of your business; but as your brand starts growing online, it becomes important to ensure uninterrupted services for complete traffic. 

  • Great customer service:

The most awesome thing to know about GoDaddy is that it offers reliable customer support that is more suitable for beginners. Even if you are going to build a website from scratch 2019 for the very first time, the experienced technical support team at GoDaddy service platform will ensure complete assistance for all your needs. It can help you to create a website without even worrying about technical troubles. Moreover, GoDaddy managed WordPress packages are more user-friendly as this website builder doesn’t require you to learn a specific coding language. Simple drag and drop tools can make everything possible for you on the go. 

  • Money back guarantee:

If you are still worried about whether you should start with GoDaddy WordPress package or not, it is high time to know that this package comes with full money back guarantee. After buying the package, if you do not find it suitable for your needs; you can ask for full refund within 30 days. 

With all such amazing services and features; GoDaddy is the first choice for website host and domain name services. Moreover, once you start working with this platform; you can install WordPress on your website with one click installation procedure. 

How to build a website from scratch?

Whether you are planning to bring your existing business online and are ready to set up a new brand name in the market; it is high time to use WordPress to start building your website from scratch. The best thing to know about WordPress is that it is extremely easy to use with wide range of features, attractive themes and valuable plugins. Moreover, once you buy GoDaddy hosting package with your favourite domain name; you can install WordPress to your website for free. 

As most of the people, these days don’t know about HTML, PHP and CSS based website development due to lack of technical knowledge, WordPress makes this task easier with its user-friendly drag and drop system. Below we have highlighted a few essential features of WordPress website builder that can help you to make easy decisions to build a website 2019:

  • Simplicity:

As WordPress platform is loaded with simple and easy to understand features; beginners find it quite easier to bring their website online and start publishing content. It is also possible to design a website in multiple languages as WordPress supports more than 70 languages worldwide. 

how to build a website from scratch 2019
  • Flexibility:

The great news is that WordPress allows users to create a variety of websites including business website, personal blog, photoblog, government website, professional portfolio, news website, magazine and community websites as well. You can access wide range of themes and plugins for free to get started with easy designing. 

  • Optimization:

Even without making additional efforts, WordPress can help you to design websites that are well optimized and perform better on all platforms. You can develop a highly responsive terminal that can work well on all screen sizes. 

  • Interactive:

WordPress library is loaded with variety of themes and plugins that make it easier for the beginners to design more interactive and stunning website online. WordPress can help you to create incredible impression of your brand online. 

WordPress is definitely the most reliable and trustworthy choice for creating a website from scratch. If you are searching for the steps to get started with the designing process; go through the details below to complete this task with ease:

Step 1: Choose the right domain name:

In order to bring your business online; it is first important to choose a suitable domain name to present your brand to the world. Before you pick any random name; think about the niche that you are planning to sell online. Your domain name must focus on that keyword so that it can target right set of audience in the market. Some of the most popular extensions that are available for domain names are .com, .net, and .org. If you are launching a business online, .com is always the first preference. 

While making a selection for the domain name, you need to think about these factors:

  • Shorter names are always the best choice as they are easy to type and remember. 
  • Pick a name that suits perfectly to your brand and cannot be misidentified with other competitors. 
  • The domain name must be catchy and memorable.
  • It must include your keyword that us close to the niche you are planning to sell.

Step 2: Choose your Hosting service:

GoDaddy offers wide range of hosting packages. You can choose shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, VPS hosting or Managed WordPress hosting. Here we are going to talk about GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting as it offers the most reliable services to the beginners. With this, you can install WordPress instantly to your website platform and start building your site with simple drag and drop tools. 

Step 3: Configure your WordPress website:

Once you place an order for the domain name and get your desired hosting plan; you will receive username and password for your website platform through email. Use these details to enter into your website and then access one-click button to start WordPress installation. Once you enter this platform, there are unlimited options to create submenus for the website. You can have dashboard, media, posts, links, pages, comments, plugins, appearance, tools, users and settings as well. You can use all these features time to time to create a stunning website. 

build a website from scratch

You will be happy to know that WordPress is loaded with variety of themes that you can choose to achieve the desired appearance for your Website. Most of these themes are available for free; however, you can also purchase few advanced ones at reasonable price. Make sure your theme matches your niche and business idea so that visitors can find it more reliable and attractive. 

In order to improve appeal of your website and make it more user-friendly, use widgets and set footers, sidebars and headers accordingly. Experts advise selecting the menu as per the need of your business. There are few pages that are essential for all websites; they are home, about us and contact us. Further, you can add product page, service page, blog and gallery etc. as per need.  

The background details must be improved accordingly to make your website more appealing to the visitors. You can use variety of colour combinations to meet your design requirements. In case if you are not satisfied with the available set of plugins, you can also purchase some advanced one from WordPress.  

Step 4: Add content:

Once your website pages are ready, it is time to add content to your website. The most important thing to understand at this point is that you need to make analysis on keywords so that they can be added to different pages of the website. It is observed that Google search engine rank websites higher by rating their keyword stuffing. If your website content appears more useful and suitable to search results; your website will be naturally listed on the top-ranked google pages. It can help you to divert more traffic to your website while ensuring higher returns for long run.

Your service and product pages demand high-quality images and videos that can capture audience attention. The first impression of the website must be incredible so that visitors can prefer to return in future. GoDaddy managed WordPress platform is more appealing choice to meet customer preferences as it offers user-friendly customization services. You can garb additional support from experienced professionals via customer support terminals. 

Step 5: Make it public:

It takes a few hours to get your website ready using GoDaddy managed WordPress platform. Once all the details are added to different pages on the website, and your platform is ready to come online, make it public. Soon your website will get space on the cloud, and it becomes accessible to visitors all over the world. Use some latest analysis tools to check performance of your website. However, the great news is that GoDaddy will never let you feel disappointed about your website performance. You can ensure 99.9% uptime with highly responsive website design. 


There is no doubt to say that GoDaddy WordPress combination is the best choice for all types of websites. Whether you are planning to start a business online or want to create a personal website; it is good to get started with GoDaddy managed WordPress hosting plus website creation tools. Soon you will be able to a wide range of audience online with great website performance. 

Millions of people around the world are using this website designing service, and they are highly satisfied with incredible features of GoDaddy and WordPress platform. This combination suites to all beginners as well as experienced web designers that are not in a mood to mess with complicated codes online. It is right time to go online and choose the most suitable hosting package from GoDaddy; soon you can install WordPress on your system and start building a responsive and highly customized website online. 

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