WordPress vs A Custom Website Comparison – Who Wins? [2020]

Updated: March 8, 2020
WordPress vs Custom Website Comparison

WordPress vs Custom Website Comparison 2020

Are you interested in creating your own website?

Well, that’s a great idea.

There are a number of ways you can build your own website.

With the advancements in technologies, it’s now possible to design websites without even learning typical coding techniques.

The latest drag and drop tools make it quite easy to create an interesting website., Whether you are running a small business or want to take your existing brand online

There are also a number of Content Management Systems (CMS) that you can consider for building website online.

The stiff competition goes between WordPress and custom HTML based website development systems.

Many people at present are confused between which one they should choose to create an efficient website. There are a few essential features and factors that you need to analyze while making a selection for your website platform.

Below we have highlighted incredible features of WordPress vs Custom Website development platforms to ease your decision making.

WordPress vs Custom Website Comparison


WordPress is a famous open-source website platform that is available for free, and it allows users to develop interactive websites by using existing templates.

Its advanced CMS system allows beginners to create a variety of websites including self-hosted solutions, mobile websites, and e-Commerce platforms.

WordPress is widely recommended for the non-technical users as it comes with simple drag and drop tools that make website designing much simpler.

Also, it offers easy integration with various types of content, including media galleries, online stores, forums, and traditional mailing lists.

If you have any wordpress security issues you can checkout this article for potential reasons behind hacking of WordPress websites.

Incredible Features:

  • WordPress offers a cost-effective way to create a website online and allows to make it live immediately. It is commonly observed that most of the beginners in the business industry do not create a website just to save the cost of establishing this platform.
  • But WordPress makes this task much easier with its open-source availability and free templates. You need to pay only for the additional plugins and themes you buy online; (just the paid ones) the majority of the features are available for free.
  • WordPress comes with a simple layout that doesn’t demand any coding experience from end-users. You can set up an elegant and eye-catching website just in a few minutes without learning any specific skill.
  • Just a few clicks of the mouse on the computer screen can bring your business online. You can create an elegant WordPress blog online by following this simple tutorial.
  • WordPress has a huge library of templates, themes, and backgrounds that users can access from any corner of the world. They are suitable for any type of business or blog and can be also customized to get the desired look.
  • There is no need to hire professionals to create a website using WordPress. You can manage everything on your own. It is possible to make quick updates regarding new products and services while handling important customer announcements as well.
  • The WordPress platform is easily extendable. The library is loaded with more than 40,000 plugins that can help to enhance the overall functionality of the WordPress website. Even if you are not specialized in customization task, these plugins can make everything smooth and easier for you.
  • WordPress is one of the largest community of developers, and it keeps on getting new updates from time to time. You can enjoy the latest features while ensuring better functionality of your website.
WordPress vs Custom Website Comparison

Custom Website Design:

Custom website design is an attractive option for established businesses because it usually comes with a higher cost. When you want to make a solid market presence, it is good to invest in custom website design.

With this, your website will appear more functional and professional. Moreover, these websites are capable enough to establish brand value in the market. The big business owners prefer to use this technique to ensure dominant online presence.

Incredible Features:

  • When compared to open-source website platforms such as WordPress, custom build websites are more reliable in terms of security and privacy.
  • When you hire a professional team for designing your custom website, it means you are secured by a network of professionals (usually, as long as you did your homework on who you picked) and they will make the best efforts to save you from data breaches. Such websites ensure better safety from hacker attacks. but with the right plugins on WordPress you can achieve the same security.
  • Custom websites need regular maintenance, and it offers many big advantages. With this, essential updates are scheduled from time to time, and they ensure proper functionality of the platform without compromising for the latest features. and are mainly handled by an entire team.
  • Custom websites may be the best option to lead a distinctive business presence online. Instead of using existing templates like open-source platforms; the custom-built HTML based websites allow users to start their business online with a whole new look.
  • The experienced teams can help you design a creative website platform that meets your business and niche idea in the best possible manner.
  • The custom website design packages do not come alone; they are usually accompanied by many other offers and supplemental services. The professional content management systems can help you ensure the best results for promoting your big brand online.

Final Thought: WordPress vs Custom Website Comparison

There is no doubt to say that WordPress stands out in terms of price and the ability to update your site yourself anywhere you are.

Also, it poses few restrictions over speed and functionality as well. But beginners find it best option due to its low-cost availability and handy services.

On the other side, the biggest limitation of custom website development is the higher cost involvement. The rest of the features are truly amazing. These HTML based platforms rank higher in terms of security and functionality.

However, you can also improve the security of WordPress website by following these simple tips and tactics.

The ultimate decision for whether you will get started with a WordPress website or customer website mainly depends upon your budget.

At the same time, it is important to consider the growth phase of your business. When you are just a beginner and have lesser budgets to maintain an online presence, open-source platforms can help you better.

But when it comes to market competition for the top-notch platforms, WordPress stands at the top of the mountain currently.

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