5 Reasons Why Bluehost is My Favorite Web Hosting Provider

Updated: August 9, 2020

There are hundreds, Maybe even thousands of hosting providers out there

So how are you supposed to pick one?

I decided to go through and pick my 5 favorite things

To show why I think Bluehost is the best option for anyone who is creating a new website

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#1 (It’s Recommended #1 By WordPress)

When you build a website, Chances are you will be using WordPress to make it

(Most people do, as you can see from the graph below)

> And guess who is the number #1 hosting recommendation for WordPress? 

>> Bluehost

So I think you can assume if a company who has 75 million + websites using their platform to build their sites (WordPress)

Out of all of those hundreds of thousands of hosting providers out there, WordPress recommends Bluehost

It’s safe to say you can probably count on them to host your website too

>> Get Bluehost Web Hosting For $7.99 $3.95 Today <<

#2 (Free Domain)

Your site has to have a domain 

And you get a free domain when you buy any hosting package

So unless you already have one

This is going to save you some $$

#3 (Reasonable Pricing)

This might be my favorite part

And that’s the price

Currently they have packages starting at just $3.95 per month, you can check it out here

P.S * little tip for you

If you buy your hosting on a desktop computer

When you get to the payment page 

Pretend like your going to close the page 

and then you should see a pop up offering you the same plan

But for just $2.65/mo


#4 (Free SSL Certificate)

You get a free SSL certificate (with any hosting package)

which makes your site https:// vs just http:// 

(It ads security to your site and for your visitors)

Why does this matter?

Because lately some changes have been happening

And on some browsers and especially in Google’s eyes

If your site doesn’t have a SSL certificate, it’s not safe

And this is how they let people know

They mark your site “not secure”


which you definitely don’t want

And when people see stuff like that, they get scared and they tend to click off

Some hosting providers charge insane prices for these

(create your own site with bluehost)

But Bluehost gives you it for free

So save yourself the hassle

and whatever provider you do end up choosing, make sure they offer a free SSL certificate like Bluehost does

#5 (3 Step/30 Second WordPress Install)

WordPress used to be tough to install

It was overly complicated but Bluehost fixed that

This is literally every step to installing WordPress for your first website

And just like that, WordPress is now installed and you can begin creating your website

Super simple, super easy


Those are my top 5 reasons why Bluehost is my favorite website hosting provider

Like I said earlier

You’re not gonna go wrong with Bluehost as long as WordPress is recommending it

The price alone is reason enough

You guys can decide for yourself, Take my research and do some of your own too and draw a conclusion

You can check out Bluehost here

They got some good deals going on and *don’t forget that little tip I mentioned earlier in Reason #3 

Cheers! 😉

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