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6 Ways To Make Money With Your Blog

6 ways to make money with your blog in 2020 - featured image

6 Ways To Make Money With Your Blog In 2023

If you just got your blog up or already have a blog, You’re probably wondering how to make money with it eventually?

In this guide I’m going to go over 6 great ways to start making money with your blog.

Blogging is a great way to create a second income for yourself and it also is repeatable. So it’s possible to even create a 3rd and 4th stream.

So let’s check out the 6 ways to make money with your blog.

1. Selling Ad Space:

Ads are lucrative if your blog is attracting decent traffic. However, flooding your blog by running boring ads can ruin the experience of the blog visitor. Hence, you need to limit the quality and quantity of ads being displayed at your website.

It should be win-win for both blogger and reader. You can advertise marketable brands on your blog with less annoying advertisements. If you are not getting such advertisements, then you may try influencer marketing.

It is a great way to make money and is sector specific too. You can choose to promote products through your blog posts and get commission in return.

Every blogger should word backwards since customer satisfaction is the ultimate destination. It is crucial to work backwards towards tailoring the products, services and content for achieving higher SEO ratings. 

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2. Affiliate marketing:

This form of marketing can be started at day one! This means that while you are planning to start your blog, simultaneously you can look into affiliate marketing.In this form of marketing, you partner with affiliates which are related to your blogs.

You mention about certain product or service and link it to the website offering it. You get paid if people land to the affiliate site with the link that your provided.

Few brands provide a unique signup code to all affiliates which help in differentiating the dedicated sales. When customers sign up or make a purchase using the unique code, you receive the commission at a certain % of that sales.

If you have a travel blog, you may partner with websites like and earn commission from every sale that translates. 

3. Paid reviews:

You can publish reviews of various products or services that relate to the theme of your blog. For instance, if your blog talks about life, you can review a certain book on this theme.

If your blog if food centric, you can talk about certain restaurant or café which people should definitely visit.

Paid reviews can prove to be a great source of income if tapped appropriately. You might have to write reviews for free in beginning to attract traffic to your blog.

As you establish and build a ranking, you can write reviews and command price according to the quality and word limit of the review.

Honest and in-depth reviews are always valued. Your focus on including reviews which are appealing to the customers will not drive your audience away. 

4. Don’t forget the rationale:

It is natural to get diluted at times to earn quick money. You should always remember that the quality of the blog content must never degrade.

Today should always be better than yesterday. If you are starting with written blogs, you can focus on improving quality of the content. As a second step, you can start vlogging by featuring videos along with text.

As a third step, you can start consulting and live online chat to connect to your audience. You would be surprised at the types of expertise people pay you for.

If you have a quality blog with many followers, brands will reach out to you to seek promotion of their product through social media and online marketing. You can continue to get leads, sponsored posts and charge people for membership of your blog posts. 

5. Podcasting:

One other means of earning through blogs is by podcasting. The podcasts can be of any theme which people can plug in and listen. The key to podcasts is to have a theme which can attract audience as well as sponsors.

You can find sponsors for these podcasts who pay you to include a promotional short clip in the beginning of the podcast. This way you can tap and monetize your podcast.

The word of caution is there are lot of logistics involved in writing, recording and editing a podcast. You need to invest your time and effort into a podcast but every second is worth if it is sponsored.  

6. Create your own product:

Last but not the least is to start your own range of products or services. Every blogger can earn bulk of their income through selling online courses, books, training programs, products etc. These products or services are an extension to your blog.

The traffic that you have attracted successfully will translate into money through your own range of products and services. If you have tried your hands in affiliate marketing, it will be easier for you to market your own product.

Using the stats, you will get a fair idea of the choice of audience. Since there are countless products already in the market, you need to add your unique appeal into the one offered by you. 

There are many opportunities to earn a great figure with your blog. You need to identify your niche and pitch your blog to offer to brands. With continuous efforts, it would be surprising to see the quantum of rewards settling in!


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