How to Make Your First $5 Using [2021]

Updated: March 21, 2021
How to Make Your First $5 Using

Have you tried to make money?

In today’s society, just about every person is searching for another way to make money. Back in the day, people would find a stable 9-5 job and not have to worry about anything else. Nowadays, the economy has changed, where everyone is trying to come up with a new way to make additional income.

The internet is largely responsible for this rapid change in how people make money, as more people are finding out they can be their own boss. As a result, countless gig platform sites allow people to offer their skills and services for a price to people that’d be interested.

Fiverr is one of the most popular gig platform sites, primarily due to its versatility and ease of use functionality. If you’re interested in learning more about Fiverr and how to make your first $5 using, look no further! We’re going to take a look at the subject and discuss everything you’ll need to know.

What’s Fiverr?

For those who don’t know, Fiverr is an online gig platform website that first launched in 2010. Since launching, Fiverr has grown to become an immaculate online gig platform site, allowing people across countless types of industries to get more work on their own without a boss.

The process is simple. A seller makes an account, makes a gig for their gig or service, and a buyer can either buy that gig or inquire about a project to that seller. Once the gig is completed, the seller makes 80 percent of their listed price, while Fiverr makes 20 percent of it.

If the seller can become a top-rated buyer, they then make 90 percent of each sale, while Fiverr makes 10 percent. There are four ratings a seller can have, which include no rating, a level one seller, a level two seller, and a top-rated seller. Getting to the top is the most challenging feat, but it’s not so bad getting to level two. 

What Skill or Service Can You Offer?

Before going on Fiverr, you need to realize what the point of the site is. Its purpose is to allow you an opportunity to offer a skill or service for extra income. That income can eventually become a primary job if you work hard enough and get lucky, but at the very least, it’ll be another revenue source.

Nevertheless, think about what skill or service you can offer. You’d be surprised at the sheer number of gigs on Fiverr, as there is a platform for just about everything. For example, if you’re a writer you can offer a word package for blog posts. If you’re an artist you can offer drawings, if you’re a photographer you can provide photo edits, etc.

It’s truly endless what you can offer on Fiverr, and just about every person has a skill they can monetize on the site. It’s excellent these platforms exist as it’s allowing the opportunity for people to become their own boss. Just about every person would prefer to be their own boss, and Fiverr presents the opportunity.

Go On

Once you have a good idea about what skill or service you want to offer, go on Fiverr to see what the website offers. Get a good sense of its look and operation. Its home page will allow you to understand what buyers see when they search for a gig they’re in need of.

At this point, make an account, which doesn’t need anything other than a username and email. Answer the information required and get to work on your bio. Your bio is essential as it’s what buyers will look to for learning more about you. Put down any accomplishments and take the listed skills tests if it applies to what you’ll be offering.

Look at Other People’s Gigs

Once you have an account set-up properly, here is where you’ll look at other people’s gigs. Looking at other gigs will help you get an idea of how people make income from their gigs and which ones are highly rated and which aren’t. Definitely look at both, as they’ll both demonstrate an example of what you should and shouldn’t do. You can gain inspiration from other peoples gigs and also get

Take notes as you look through as it’ll help you create your own gigs once the time comes. Don’t plagiarize any of the listed gigs, but rather understand how each one operates and how you can take inspiration from it for your own gigs. Inspiration is critical for this kind of subject, so make a note of it.

Make Goals

Lastly, before you begin crafting your own gigs, you need to have a solid list of goals. Goals are what’ll keep you on track for whatever you hope to accomplish. Not having a list of goals can keep your mind fluttered and not give you a clear focus on what you hope to do.

Create Your Own Gig

At this point, this is where you’ll begin crafting your gig. Definitely do what you can to find professional stock photos to use, as they give a better sense of professionalism than random selfies you might upload. Put the specifics of what you offer and the number of revisions a buyer can request.

Set a Reasonable Price

Before the gig is totally finalized, here is where you’ll have an idea of setting a reasonable price. Depending on your expertise, there’s a large grouping of prices you can set for your gig. If you’re very experienced, the more money you can charge. Whereas, if you’re just starting out, you may want to offer your gig at a low price initially.

Wait for Work

Once your gig is published, here is where you’ll wait for work. Although Fiverr has a feature that allows sellers to apply for work, it’s much more common for buyers to reach out directly to sellers. It might be a few months or so before you start seeing a lot of work, but be patient.

Make Adjustments

As you begin getting into the flow of things, don’t be afraid to adjust. After all, you finally have the experience of being on Fiverr, so do what you can to change your gig if it needs to be. Still, don’t adjust too quickly, as changing everything too often can potentially hurt you.

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