How To Create A Website In 15 Minutes [2019 Guide]

Updated: August 16, 2019

Are you planning to create a website online? That’s great!

Everything in this guide will show you step-by-step how to create a website. It’s a double guide so in case you like videos better, You can watch exactly how I did it with no steps skipped.

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How To Create A Website In 15 Minutes 2019 Guide

So first we have to get our website hosting + free domain (ill show you how to get it for free) and then install WordPress

The great news is that the internet is loaded with numbers of website building platforms and many of them are available for free as well. It means, even beginners can design their websites instantly without even spending a huge amount. 

Some of the most popular options available in the market are Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress for beginners. However, if we look at expert recommendations, WordPress is the best choice to create an attractive and feature rich website. This extensive tutorial will help you understand the benefits of choosing WordPress for website designing along with how to build a website from scratch 2019. 

how to create a website 2019

Make it clear; website designing is not rocket science! The process is quite easier and can be followed by tech-savvy and novice person as well.

But one can get into trouble only if you choose the wrong website building platform. Actually, there are some website building systems that demand extensive knowledge of coding languages such as CSS and HTML.

When you are a beginner, it is better to choose a platform that allows interactive, drag and drop type system to build a website online.

Why choose WordPress for website development?

WordPress is serving the business community from the past several years. Reports reveal that this platform is currently serving more than 71 million websites online and the count is growing every day.

Those who are new to this platform might be eager to know the reasons to choose it over other competitors; well, below we have listed few areas where WordPress win the battle in the web design industry:

  • Intuitive platform:

The biggest reason to choose WordPress for website development is that it is a user-friendly and beginner friendly platform. People who know how to use Excel and Word can easily work on WordPress as well.

The most amazing thing is that it allows easy customization of the entire platform with simple and handy plugins. Other than this, there are so many themes, templates, and other tools that users can access for free to add more beauty to their websites. 

  • Powerful:

There is no doubt to say that WordPress is one of the most powerful tools in the web design industry. You can create a variety of websites on this highly trusted platform; it is capable enough to handle a variety of things online. 

  • Responsive design:

With the advent of digital media and the internet, most of the people around the world are using their phones to view websites online. In this scenario, it is important to design a website that is responsive and well-optimized.

Prefer to choose mobile friendly themes that do not overload your website. Rather, it must be easier to navigate with a speedy and flexible flow. 

  • It’s free:

One of the best reasons to get started with WordPress is that this platform is available for free. You can buy your hosting package along with domain name from GoDaddy, and WordPress can be installed instantly on this platform. 

  • Extensive support:

You will be happy to hear that WordPress has a huge community online. The developers and other experienced professionals are always ready to help you through discussion forums, and tutorials online. With this extensive support, WordPress becomes the best choice for novice users. 

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Learn to build a website 2019:

So, it is clear that with WordPress, you can host your website for free. Moreover, the reputed hosting service provider can also offer you a domain name for free.

With these amazing facts, you must get ready to learn the tips and tricks to build an interactive and feature-rich website online. 

Step 1: Choose your domain name

The very first step for designing a website is to find out a catchy, unique and easy to remember domain name. You must choose 10 most relevant keywords to describe your website and then create a unique combination of suffixes and prefixes to design cool domain names.

Experts do not advise to choose misspelled, hyphenated or plural forms of already established websites. There are several choices for domain name extensions as well; you can choose .net, .org or .com.

Make efforts to get some short names that people can remember with ease or type instantly to the web browser. Your domain name can connect your audience to the brand, and it is the best way to build a presence in the market.

Step 2: Get hosting service

The market is loaded with numbers of hosting service providers; hence beginners often find it difficult to choose the most appropriate one.

However, when you are interested in design website using the most efficient WordPress platform, it is better to choose GoDaddy for hosting as it offers easy integration with WordPress.

You can choose managed WordPress hosting at a reasonable price and lead your brand ahead of the competitors. GoDaddy offers several packages with a reasonable price tag; you can choose monthly payment or go for yearly option as well to save more. 

You can choose the desirable hosting package from the official website and make payment online. Note that, GoDaddy offers a free domain name with web hosting.

It means you can start your website building process at a reasonable price. Some websites also offer special dicsoint coupons and offers for hositng services to ease your purchase. 

Step 3: Install WordPress:

Beginners might be worried about the installation process and how to create a web page, but the great news is that you can complete this task instantly by using one-click installation. Yeah! It means just one click and your WordPress will be soon ready to use.

Most of the web hosts including GoDaddy offer this service to assist users; WordPress is integrated into their hosting platform, and you can easily start the installation process from the dashboard. This service will assist you in starting your website building process in a few seconds. 

One-click installation:

In order to proceed ahead with one-click installation, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the hosting website and login with your credentials. 
  • Now go to the control panel in your hosting account.
  • It is time to hit on 1 click installs; the platform will soon list out all the products that are available for such quick installation. 
  • Search for WordPress and then click on one click installation. 
  • It is now time to enter your domain name where you wish to install your website. 
  • As soon as you hit the Install Now button, it will begin the process and WordPress will be installed on your web building platform. 
  • The service providers will soon send you the essential credentials to log in to the WordPress website. 

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Manual installation:

Many web designers around the world are happy with the one-click installation, but few need to proceed ahead with the manual installation process. If you are also one of them, you can get started with the manual process as below:

  • Go to the WordPress platform and then download into the local drive of your computer. 
  • Now, create a new folder in your computer where you can extract the elements of this zip file. Unzip the folder to retrieve all files.
  • Here you will find a file named as wp-config-sample.php; you can rename it as wp-config.php for easy identification. 
  • It is time to open this file with notepad and then enter essential details like your hosting username, password, and database name in the specific fields. 
  • Go to the hosting FTP and enter your username password to enter inside. Here you need to use the same login password that is assigned for your hosting service.
  • Now you should upload all the files from the WordPress folder to this FTP server; you can use drag and drop function to do this. 
  • As soon as you complete the above steps, you can go to your domain name and then begin the installation. 

Step 4: Start building your website:

So, you are now ready with your domain name, hosting package and WordPress platform as well. Finally, it is the right time to get started with the development process.

The great news is that WordPress does not require you to have knowledge about typical coding languages like PHP, JAVA, etc. Rather, it allows the entire setup with simple drag and drop features. With WordPress, it is easier to give your website a cool and impressive look in no time.

There are unlimited themes, templates and background options that can help you to customize your website to get the desired look. 

Themes and plugins:

Once you log-in to WordPress dashboard by entering your specific username and password, you will find numbers of customization options around.

Note that, WordPress library is loaded with a wide range of themes for styling the entire look of the website, for widgets, menu styles, color combinations and many more.

You can pick any of these thousands of free themes available online. However, if they do not appeal to you, it is also possible to go to the premium themes and buy the most suitable one by making payment online.

It takes a few minutes to activate a new theme on WordPress platform and soon you can start designing the other parts of the website. 

If we talk about the plugins, they are again many in numbers. You can visit the official plugin collection on WordPress that are available for free or choose the paid ones to high-end functionality. Some of the most commonly used plugins for website designing are Yoast SEO and Contact Form 7. 

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Add pages:

After adjusting the themes and plugins as per the unique requirement of your website, the next important task is to add pages to the platform. Websites need multiple pages with unique and brand-specific content.

Note that your website works as an online store and present your brand to the world. In this scenario, it is important to be careful while adding information to different pages.

Some of the most important pages on every website are Home, About Us, Contact Us, Products and Services. Other than this, business professionals can add Blog and Gallery, etc. as per their need.

The process of adding pages to the website is quite simple; anyone can complete the task with ease. The drag and drop feature makes it quite easier for beginners as well. 

Add menus:

Once you have added all the desired pages to your website, the next task is to create a menu for easy navigation. It adds beauty to your website and makes it easier to visit for the audience.

The menus can be added from creating a menu button with ease, and you can manage their locations as per requirement. 

With this, your website is ready; once you are satisfied with all the added details, it is time to publish your content online. 


A few years ago, website designing was a complicated task because the platforms demand users to learn coding languages. But the process is entirely changed in the past few years.

The advanced technologies have created simple drag and drop type systems for website designing, and now anyone can execute this task with ease. You can set up the entire website in just 15 minutes and get ready to promote your brand online. 

WordPress has made things quite easier for new age business professionals. No matter whether you want to design a professional e-commerce platform, wish to create a blogging site or want to lead your educational platform through an interactive website; WordPress can help you to build your identity online.

Furthermore, WordPress websites can be easily integrated into third-party platforms including social media websites as well. It can help you to lead easy and effective promotional campaigns with ease. 

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