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Our Top 15 Best Free eCommerce WordPress Themes 2020 (All New Designs)

best free eCommerce WordPress themes 2020

best free eCommerce WordPress themes 2020

best free eCommerce wordpress themes 2020

Looking for the perfect theme for your website?

We put together a list of the best free ecommerce wordpress themes 2020 picks.

For those of you that don’t know, eCommerce is the act of electronically buying or selling products online.

Over the years, it has become the mainstream way of buying virtually every product and service we’ll need. Some experts speculate that it’ll become the only way of purchasing goods and services someday.

With this in mind, some of you are looking for eCommerce compatible WordPress themes so you can join the modern way of selling and buying online.

Luckily for you, there are countless themes that’ll work great for you, some of which are entirely free.

In this article, we’re going to highlight the best free eCommerce WordPress themes 2020. All of these themes continue to grow and evolve with every update, and are all fully compatible with eCommerce.

Keep in mind that some of these themes may suit you better than others, but since they’re all free, they’re all worth checking out.

Nonetheless, let’s get started and see which of these themes is best for you!

Top 15 Best Free eCommerce WordPress Themes 2020

1. Elizama

First up on our list is Elizama. Elizama is a straightforward theme meant for blogs and easy-going websites.

The themes latest update allows it to be tied in with Twitter Bootstrap, an excellent CSS framework for mobile-first development. The theme itself is very responsive and is easy enough to manipulate.

If you’re looking for a theme that’s easy to use, simple, and doesn’t take a ton of time to set-up, this is the theme for you. Other features include full blog capabilities, full-width template display, portfolio customization, and translation abilities.

2. Gymzone Fitness

If you’re a trainer or gym owner who is looking to expand your network of members, consider checking out Gymzone Fitness. Gymzone Fitness is a great theme that’ll work well for any fitness institute, gym, trainers, yoga teachers, and countless others involved in fitness.

As far as its customization is concerned, it’s fully customizable and is very easy to manipulate. No matter your experience with themes and WordPress, you shouldn’t find any issue working on this particular theme.

It’s SEO friendly, has social media integration, and is compatible with any kind of browser. You’ll find it to be advantageous and work well with the fitness good or service you’ll need it for.

3. Easy Storefront 

On top of having a straightforward name, Easy Storefront is precisely what it sounds like. It’s an easy to use theme geared toward creating a great storefront for your good or service.

The theme is geared for developing businesses and helping them grow with the use of eCommerce and simple digital download methods. Some of its options include a simple storefront, a portfolio, or a simple blog.

However, it specializes in being a storefront, hence its name. If you’re looking for a theme to start selling your products, definitely check it out.

4. Meridia

Meridia is a minimalistic style theme meant for eCommerce, and Gutenberg read blogging. It claims to be perfect for anything involving fashion, health, lifestyle, food, or travel.

As for how it operates, it’s fast, mobile-friendly, SEO ready, a light download, and is a great all-around theme. Some of its key features include block editing style, custom background, featured images, footer widgets, formatting options, and much more.

It continues to increase in popularity as one of the newest and best free eCommerce WordPress themes 2020.

5. Vlogger Video Blog

Other than blogging, vlogging is one of the most popular modern ways to effectively gain a following. Whether it’s your business, brand, or own personal endeavor, vlogging has a vast audience attached.

That’s where Vlogger Video Blog comes in handy. This utterly free theme serves as a multipurpose unit, with a variety of premium options you usually wouldn’t see in a free theme.

Plus, it’s incredibly responsive and user-friendly, two aspects that are always needed for a vlog or blog-style website. On top of being great for expanding your business, you can lay it out as either a personal website, news journal or website, and countless other examples.

6. StrangerWP

If you’re looking for a theme that’s completely customizable and versatile, StrangerWP is an excellent theme for you to check out.

It’s swift and serves as a multipurpose theme great for blogs, portfolios, news, businesses, online stores, and much more. If you have a specific niche but end up changing it at any point, not to worry at all.

This theme will work great for you if you’re someone who likes to alter their website quite often. Key features of it include Elementor compatibility, Google fonts, logo upload, typography, header image, sticky navigation, and much more.

7. Kiddiz

If you’re looking for a theme that works well with any good or service related to children, Kiddiz is a transcendent theme for you to check out.

It’s meant for daycares, preschools, nurseries, kid’s shops, and much more. Basically, anything related to kids can be easily created with this theme.

The theme itself guarantees you’ll be able to have a beautifully run site across all platforms and screens

It’s completely customizable and is retina ready. Some of its key features include customizer API, layout variation, front page customization, and much more.

8. Axis Magazine

For those of you searching for a news or magazine oriented theme, check out Axis Magazine. Axis Magazine is a great theme that combines a minimalistic and modern approach to crafting a perfect website.

Outside of magazine or news usage, the theme can be easily used for your blog, review site, photo site, fashion site, shop, and much more.

Although it specializes in being a magazine or newspaper oriented theme, you can get a wide range of use out of this theme.

Some of its key features include a simple blog, multipurpose functionality, Elementor compatibility, Divi compatibility, Gutenberg compatibility, and much more.

9. Potter

Potter is another versatile theme meant for blogging, portfolios, businesses, or as an eCommerce storefront. It’s an extremely lightweight theme and offers fantastic speed as a result.

Plus, it’s SEO friendly and comes with code integrated into it. It’s a great all-around theme that you’ll get a lot of use out of.

Some of its key features include full customization, Elementor compatibility, Beaver Builder compatibility, Visual Composer compatibility, and much more. It’s eCommerce ready and will serve you well with whatever specific endeavor you need to use it for.

10. Codify

If you’re looking for a new, multipurpose style theme, be sure to check out Codify. It’s fully responsive, clean, and is compatible with most devices

It’s incredibly flexible and is best suited for agencies and businesses related to finance and accounting. However, if you’re a blogger or storefront, you’ll be able to easily use it for whatever you need it for.

Some of its features include a custom background, custom logo, custom menu, featured images, and much more.

11. Store Prima

Store Prima is one of the newest eCommerce WordPress themes, and it’s emerging as one of the best options available. As a storefront, you’ll be able to create a fantastic front page that’ll entice consumers directly to the products you’re selling.

If you’re looking for something more blog oriented, this might not be the best theme for you. However, if you’re looking for something purely for eCommerce, this is a great free theme to check out.

Some of its features include custom background, custom menus, featured images, threaded comments, and much more.

12. Wiz eCommerce

Wiz eCommerce is a multipurpose theme that is about adding sophistication to your online store.

Although the theme is technically suitable for any kind of storefront, it’s best suited for a furniture niche. If you’re involved with furniture in any way, this an excellent theme in that regard for you to check out.

Plus, it’ll allow you to list all of your products directly on the front page and can create a fantastic front page worth viewing.

13. BCF Shop

BCF Shop is a great theme dedicated to businesses related to children, and it’s one of the best free eCommerce WordPress themes 2020.

It’s easy to use and allows users to build online stores and shops very quickly. It’s compatible with Elementor, Gutenberg, Google AMP, and much more. It has everything you’ll need to create a great storefront geared toward kids.

14. Geschaft Business

If you’re looking for a strictly business style theme, consider checking out Geschaft Business. This theme operates as a multipurpose theme related to businesses.

It provides users with a great and retina ready design. No matter the size of your business, the theme offers enough tools for you to use as your company grows.

Plus, it’s very user-friendly, which makes it very suitable for beginners in this sort of field. Some of its features include SEO functionality, social media integration, custom backgrounds, custom colors, custom headers, and much more.

15. Real Estate Salient

Last on our list is Real Estate Salient. Real Estate Salient is a fully responsive theme for real estate brokers and agents.

It has an endless number of features that’ll allow you property inclusion, agency maintenance, invoices, and much more. Plus, you can individually add properties to it for people to view.


Thank you for taking the time to read our article on the best free eCommerce WordPress themes 2020.

Be sure to check out all of these themes and see which one is best suited for you!

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