7 Passive Income Ideas To Make Money With

Updated: October 7, 2020
7 Passive Income Ideas To Make Money With

So, you are interested in boosting your monthly income, but you are not in a position to take up another job.

Well, it is time to think about passive income plans that may help you grow your fortune in the year 2020. Reports reveal that almost 44 million Americans follow a side hustle along with their normal work routines.

Almost 36% of them are making more than $500 from these passive income sources. The cost of living is increasing with each passing day. In this scenario, the limited monthly income cannot serve your needs.

When you want to enjoy a luxurious and quality life, it is definitely important to make extra income.

Passive income is something that you earn on a continuous basis, without even doing any specific work. Now, you might be eager to know how it is possible. Well, there are plenty of methods to collect some passive income per month; few of them are listed below:

1. Invest in crowdfunded real estate properties:

There is no doubt to say that cost of real estate is getting high with each passing day.

But if you are not in favor of buying physical properties, you can be a part of the crowdfunding project. It brings you an opportunity to become a partial investor in some real estate deal that can help you get some handsome returns in the long run.

There are many online platforms that can help you identify the best crowdfunding projects. You can take part in many commercial and residential projects to enjoy considerable passive income in the long run. 

2. Making an investment in dividend-paying stocks:

Most of the people consider stocks as the sexiest investment to generate huge passive income.

In many cases, the agent may insist you re-invest your dividends; however, one can also choose to dump the dividends into account to have immediate withdrawal.

There are generally two options to make profits with dividends; you can either re-invest profits into the company, or you can return the portion of profits to the investors.

It is good to find some high-paying stocks online to make profitable investments. 

3. Sell your photography collections as stock photos:

In case if you are a skilled photographer, you can sell your collections as stock photos to make passive income.

Instead of presenting your creative skills in some local art fair, look for opportunities where your photos can be purchased by some big brands overseas.

It is possible if you join some stock photography platforms online. There are many agencies that are ready to pay a huge percentage of profit to the photographers for selling their collections via stock photography platforms.

You can explore a few such options and make it a source of side income. 

passive income ideas for beginners 2020

4. Write and publish your blog or book:

Those who are good at writing some engaging and creative content can entertain the public with their blogs and books.

Choose the most engaging topic for your blog and start posting your articles consistently. When your blog grows and starts entertaining more audience online, you can also write a book to entertain your fans.

There are number of platforms that can help you self-publish your book and sell it online. Such options can help you get a huge passive income in the long run.

In order to make your content go viral online, make sure you start with some valuable topics. First of all, collect information about the preferences of your target audience and then pick a topic of their interest.

It may help you get more readers for your blog and book with ease. Also, make efforts to promote your content on multiple platforms to engage more audience online. 

5. Rent an extra room in your home:

Maybe you have a big house, and many of its rooms are empty. Those vacant rooms can bring some profit to you.

Why not rent them to some students or working professionals in the city. This idea will make your home full of life while generating some extra income every month.

You can put that amount into savings and use them to pay monthly bills. Moreover, there is no need to worry about the cleaning of those rooms. 

6. Sell products online:

In case if you are skilled enough to design something creative, it is possible to sell that online and make extra income.

Whether you are skilled to handle some digital projects or can create some beautiful pieces of jewelry at home. All such projects can receive great engagement online.

You can start with an online store by associating to some great marketplace that offers a considerable percentage of profits. It will also help you set up your own business while bringing your skills to the world. 

7. Affiliate marketing:

Last but not least, you can start making profits with affiliate marketing. It is one of the most trustworthy ideas to generate considerable passive income per month.

However, this field requires some sincere efforts to build a strong network. There are plenty of big brands that are looking for some dedicated affiliates to sell their products and services.

All that you need to do is associate with them and create a website platform where you can promote their offerings. They will provide you all promotional material along with an affiliate link.

Whenever someone purchases via your affiliate link, some percentage of that sales will be sent to your account in the form of commissions. In this way, you can make huge profits over time. 


Now you have gone through 7 interesting ideas to make money online.

It is high time to choose the most suitable options and start making profits online. These passive income ideas can help you earn more along with your current job.

Such income can soon help you pay off your debts and boost your emergency savings fund. Moreover, you can add more luxuries to your life. 

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