4 Shopify Mistakes To Avoid In Your Business 2021

Updated: February 22, 2020
4 shopify mistakes to avoid

4 Shopify Mistakes To Avoid In Your Business 2021

Are you aware of the fact that almost 97% of the e-commerce businesses fail? And in most cases, the reason is poor website design. 

From the past few years, new-age entrepreneurs are more attracted to Shopify to build online stores. This platform helps them to capture audience attention from the target market.

The best thing to know is that Shopify websites can help you to generate a decent stream of income. Unfortunately, a few simple mistakes in the design and management of the Shopify website can make your journey difficult. 

Below we have listed 4 serious mistakes that every Shopify business owner needs to avoid while designing their website. It may help you to ensure success in business:

(1) Making poor choices for design and theme:

One of the biggest mistakes people make while establishing their business online is designing a poor website. If your online store cannot please the audience online, it cannot achieve desired sales.

Note that Shopify is one of the most popular platforms for creating the most interactive and feature-rich websites. It offers advanced customization options so that business professionals can create attract more audiences online. The best part is that there is no need to learn HTML, CSS or any other typical programming language. 

Shopify library is loaded with a wide range of appealing themes and templates. You can choose any relevant template to highlight your products and services. Don’t make mistakes in the selection of typographies, colours and other decorative elements.

They must be more relevant to the theme of your business. One also needs to be careful about the selection of fonts and logo colours. It is even possible to modify the existing templates to create a custom design. A well-designed website can naturally help you to achieve a higher conversion rate. 

(2) Forgetting SEO:

It is high time to understand that search engines rank websites based on their SEO performance. If your website uses poor SEO measures, it may not receive the desired traffic online.

The idea is to follow organic website design strategies and fill web pages with SEO rich content. If you make a mistake of forgetting SEO during website design and management, it may cause a huge loss to your business. 

The very first metric that you need to improve is the speed of your website. Secondly, it is good to enhance content quality. Experts recommend using the most relevant and top-ranked keywords. They must be worked in well in the blog posts and web pages as well. Most of the stores fail when they do not use the right set of keywords on product sheets and categories. 

While designing your website on Shopify, prefer to use advanced SEO strategies. It may help you to divert organic traffic towards your business. In short, it is the most trustworthy way to enhance business performance. One should also improve the quality of images and videos on the website. Prefer to add keywords in the alt text and descriptions as well. It will help you to achieve a higher ranking on search engine results. 

(3) Restricting payment options:

When you are serving an audience from a wide demographic area, it is important to ensure flexible payment options. One cannot restrict all payments to one type of transaction. Your website must ease the process for buyers with multiple payment options. 

When an online shopping website has only one option for payment, many buyers move to competitor platforms. The fact is that people want to access everything at ease. If your website doesn’t offer the flexibility and convenience for placing an order, they will immediately switch to others. 

Experts recommend adding multiple options such as debit card, credit card, PayPal, and even cash on delivery as well. It may add a positive impact on your conversion rates while building a strong influence in the market.

Although some payment methods may charge a monthly fee from transactions. But adding most of them is important to boost your brand value in the market. The Shopify platform supports most of the advanced payment methods to ease your sales activities. 

(4) Long delivery times or pricey delivery:

No matter which products you are selling on the Shopify store. If your delivery services are not reliable, you may lose the majority of customers. In order to build strong and long-term relations with your audience, it is good to improve your shipping experience. 

The first most mistake Shopify store owners make online is having long delivery times. When buyers place an order for certain products online, they expect fast delivery.

There is no point in waiting for several days to get a product. The best time is between 2 to 3 days so that your customers can enjoy the shopping experience. If your business fails to deliver the product within this time, you need some improvements. 

shopify dropshipping mistakes

Other than this, it is important to reduce the shipping cost as well. You can also create free shipping offers when customers qualify for a certain level. It may be on some occasions or for a high-value purchase.

Other than this, some businesses also succeed by offering same-day delivery service. This option is possible for some of your products that can be managed with local carriers. Improved delivery time and profitable shipping experience can keep your audience more satisfied. 

No matter what type of niche you are selling on the Shopify platform. It is good to follow reliable and trustworthy techniques for building a website online. The idea is to ensure a more interactive and engaging experience for the customers. Your website should capture the buyer’s attention in such a manner that they love to return. 

It is good to use the latest tactics to decorate your website with the most attractive elements. One can also customize the themes and templates to get the desired appeal.

Furthermore, the SEO rich content can help you achieve higher ranking online. Follow these trusted tips from experts and you will soon be able to succeed. A well designed Shopify store can help you achieve more returns in the long run. 

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